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Mahesh Kummara – Entrepreneur & Founder of Mk Services

About Mahesh Kummara :

Hi My name is mahesh Kummara, i Completed My in 2011 April, At That Time I am Very Motivational towards Singing & dance. I am a Fan Of Michael jackson & His Songs.

I found a Way Called Google Adsense By Google Inc, a CPC Revenue sharing program. i too started a Small blogspot blog & started Sharing Jobs For Jobseekers, I Earned  a check of $50 which is my first Income , My Mother was Happy , but my father Was still worried & told me to go Bangalore to apply for jobs. I went to Bangalore in 2012 , took a PG & Living with My friend. & i am continuing my small blog by sharing jobs using my friends Laptop & going to internet cafe daily (i don't even have a Laptop). which was generating around $100 per month. After 1 Month i got a Web Developer Job in a Company, They offered Rs.15000 per month.

Life At Software Company's :

I need to wake up 6”O Clock & Get Ready By taking Bath & Tiffen ( i don't like P.G foods) Get ready at 8:00 Am & i need to take a bus , the journey will be 30 minutes in morning & 45 Minutes in Evening. Even it was 1/2 km From My P.G ( paying guest Hostel). I need to work From 9:00 am to 7:00 Pm ,Sometimes it may be 7:30 pm, When i reached My P.g it will be around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm ,  i will be tired &  i don't know what i am doing in a day, my Friend & i playing jokes on our life's. After 1 week, i tired of this city life, I left the job & came to my home & Mailed the H.R i am resigning my job. i don't want to be here.

A Busy Life, Tired of Bus Journey's.Work pressure,Expenses.. I left the job.

A turn around in July 2012 :

I have a Desktop Computer in my Home & a Nokia N73 Mobile , I connected it to desktop for internet to start working on the blog. i have been Constantly generating a Revenue of $300 since 2012 & In December its a huge number for me, i generated $1500 in that month. i have paid & cleared Some loans with that.. From 2013 On wards i have Got stability in My income & Started learning new technologies like Website security, WordPress, Malware removal from websites or wordpress websites, joomla Bug fixing, SEM with Adwords, Bing & Social Marketing on Facebook, Website CSS customisation's.

I don't have a office up to that, i am working from home itself on a laptop , people Beside My house don't know what i do, Some may think i am simply sitting in home, If i explain them , they cant Even understand about my work.

I am a blogger,freelancer working online via internet. I can work any where With a Laptop. i have worked for Abroad clients on Website security, development & digital marketing.

After that I registered My Company M.K Services to Provide these Services Globally. Now, i earn a four-figure $$$$ income.

My father & Mother Both are Happy with that.. I live in 2nd tier City in my own house & office. Very peacefully. I Built my office Room With My Money,Bought a  Car & Living my Own laptop Life Style.There will be a lot of growth in my career Expecting Big numbers. I like Enjoying , hard Working & Visiting Beautiful Places.

Digital Marketing Made My Life happy :

In 2013, I invested My money to built an office room To work , My office is a Single room at 2nd floor of my house. Now My day Start with a Walk ( for healthy life ) & flexibility to work at any time From home or office, No pressure, No travel.

My House & office are at one place , Top Floor is My office.

Here is My office room to work, its been only 4 years , There will be a Lot more $$$$$ needs to come… 🙂

Blogging & Digital Marketing made me to bought a car .

My friends are still surprised with the growth, i achieved in these years.

September 2016: (Big Change)

I started My Own Website Malware Removal Services:

Which were added a Extra Income , I Earned 1 lakh extra in 1 st month.

i started making big income, now From Feb 2017, i am Earning Over $3000 per month.

Nearly 2 lakhs Per month in indian Currency.

Are You Interested In Hiring Me For Your Project :

i am not only a Blogger , But also a Skilled Person in Web Technologies.

i am expert in making WordPress to load fast, by minimizing css, js files & moving header scripts to footer, i have made many sites to load before 2 seconds.. i am working with wordpress, joomla & other Cms, E commerce platforms on security ( malware removal )..

i also work as security analyst for websites. i can easily clean malware & fix issues regarding security.please let me know, how can we solve the issue caused to you, i will deliver the work within given time. i have deal with malware,spam ,black hat spam, redirection, htaccess, php decode,javascript malwares,iframes etc..

I am The Founder Of Mk Services

What Kind Of Services i Provide ?

I Provide Website Malware removal Services , Check Here 

I also Provide Digital marketing , Web Hosting Set-up for vps & Dedicated Servers &

Unmanged VPS,dedicated Server,wordpress Setup & Management services.

i have Been Providing various Professional Services to Clients Online .Thank You.