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60% off WooLentor Coupon Code [Lifetime Deal]

Get around 60% off WooLentor Coupon Code [Lifetime Deal]
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60% off WooLentor Coupon Code [Lifetime Deal]

WooLentor has been around for a while and is now one of the most popular plugins for Elementor. It provides powerful features that you can use to make your job easier.

Want to get started with WooCommerce? WooLentor offers great WooCommerce add-ons that can skyrocket your business!

If you have an eCommerce store built on the WP eCommerce plugin, this free plugin will help you get more sales.

WooLentor Coupon Code:

By using the WooLentor promo, you can get up to 60% OFF Lifetime deals.

Get 60% off on Woolentor

WooLentor Pricing

They offer yearly & Lifetime plans for everyone.

The yearly plan starts at $39 per month & lifetime deal starts at $69 per month.

To get WooLentor on a discount,

Go to the Special pricing page and select the plan that you want.

You'll get 60% off your order, please continue to the checkout page.

For your convenience, They’re offering 4 different plans for both annual and lifetime use.

Lifetime deal

The Personal Plan gives you unlimited access to use it on one website for $69. With the Agency plan, you'll get an unlimited amount of websites at $399 per lifetime.

The agency plan allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites.

Annual plans

WooLentor annual pricing plan starts at $39/year for 1 site, whereas Elementor Pro costs $49/year for 1 site.

Unlimited sites are available in a single package for $399/lifetime – no monthly fee. This can cost a lot of money, but in this case, we recommend Elementor Pro which instead costs $199/year and allows you to use 1000 websites.

If you want advanced and premium features, then the only option is to buy a pro version of WooLentor. The free version has limited features.

Features of WooLentor

WooLentor comes with 76 different design elements, 15 WooCommerce templates, 10 customer-specific eCommerce pages, and 5 WooCommerce themes of premium quality.

You can see 15 various custom product layouts. Choose the one which best suits you.

Select a product template that suits your needs! They range from being elegant to having a modern design.

Compared to websites like Elementor, WooLentor has much more flexibility and customization options. Unlike Elementor, you can't customize the checkout page, cart, etc. in WooLentor. If you want to do so using custom CSS

However, it's not the case with WooLentor. This script lets you customize the page templates according to your choices.

The WooLentor agency package gives you access to 19+ WordPress plugins that you can use right away. These include:

HT Mega Pro
Notification Bar
WP Plugin Manager
Was This Helpful?
WC Builder
HT Script Pro
Multi-Currency Pro
HT Menu Pro
HT Slider Pro
HT Builder
QR Code Generator

HT Testimonial
HT Team Member
HT Business Hour
HT Image Marker
HT Banner
Sales Notification
Docus Pro

Email Candy
JustTables Pro
HT Click To CAll
Google Place Review
CF7 Extensions
More Plugins are coming....

With the WooLentor plugin, you can notify your customers with live notifications on your store and also show them popups on the site to introduce them to any deals or orders they might have missed.

Add features like a call for price, suggest preferential pricing, special offer by day, and others to your customer engagements to increase customer interaction.

  • Request a Quote

  • Introducing customer input! Let your customers suggest a price and get instant consensus.

  • Get the Black Friday deal you need! Come visit us and we'll get you the right banner, in both 2D and 3D formats, that will help your business achieve its goals.

  • The QR code on this product can be scanned with your phone and will allow you to add it to you cart easily.

  • Stock Progress Bar: With this feature, you can show the number of products that have been ordered and the number of products that are available. The Stock Progress Bar has many users and is supported across a variety of sites

Get 60% off on Woolentor